8 Years Old - Tackle

8 Years Old

The 8 year olds are possibly our favorite division. When we say "IT ALL STARTS HERE" it doesn't ring any truer than 8U.

As our introductory tackle football division we take it straight to basics. From learning how to put on equipment to defining terms like block, tackle, touchdown and everything in-between. Your athletes will begin to learn basic play concepts and fundamental techniques that they will use for their entire football career. Game play is slowed down and limited (no special teams, no blitzing, basic formations, default alignments, etc.) to allow the kids to learn the game in a controlled environment so that they aren't overwhelmed.

No prior playing experience is required.

8U games are played on Saturdays and will include travel. 

The PYFL is committed to providing a positive youth sports experience for all participants.
We hope that your participation in our program is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Go Dragons!